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The provisions below refer to both the computer of the user and to any other device that the user may use to connect to the website. XL Servizi e Logistica srl also uses cookies (not profiling cookies, as will be specified in greater detail below) to save the information on the visitors’ preferences and the pages visited by the user, and to personalise the contents of the web page based on the type of browser used, and depending on any other information sent by such browser.

It should be noted that XL Servizi e Logistica srl does not use profiling cookies per sé, but that those present are managed and controlled exclusively by third parties (such as Google). XL Servizi e Logistica srl has no control over the cookies that are used by third parties. Therefore, for more detailed on information, please consult the privacy policies of said third parties, as well as the options to disable the collection of such information. It is possible, however, to disable the cookies directly from your own browser, without this preventing and/or compromising your browser experience.

Through its scripts, GOOGLE will be able to process your personal data according to its own guidelines (click). The user should note that this site could use the free service of Google Analytics. The user is reminded that the data are used only to obtain information regarding the most visited pages, the numbers of visitors, the aggregated data of the visits per operating system, per browser, etc. The IP addresses of Google Analytics have been appropriately anonymised. These parameters are filed in the servers of Google, which regulates the privacy thereof according to its own guidelines.
The user may opt to disable Google Analytics during the browsing session by using the add-on available for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

It is also possible to:

  • delete the cookies individually for each domain
  • hide research
  • adjust the Google advertisement settings.It is still possible to browse without the use of technical and profiling cookies, with the incognito browsing mode, which is possible with all the main browsers.
  • Further information on the disabling of cookies in Firefox.
  • Further information on the disabling of cookies in Chrome.
  • Further information on the disabling of cookies in Internet Explorer.
  • Further information on the disabling of cookies in Safari.
  • Further information on the disabling of cookies in Opera.